Isabelle H.

"Color changes how we feel. How we feel changes our lives"

Our aim is to inspire the way you look at creating space. We believe that color & light can be used to transform the experience of space, through wall design and painted textile. We create ideas for clients’ spaces and through textiles and paint bring those installations to reality. We call the process "Color Spaces."

Our work combines custom painted Wall Design, Hand Painted Fabrics, and movable Textile Panels & Screens, to achieve original, changeable color environments for interiors.

The origins of Color Spaces were inspired by the beauty of the light in Southwest France and the design needs of a chateau in ruin. The walls of Chateau Le Mail became a succession of room paintings, providing the opportunity to develop large scale color design, in effect making 3-dimensional murals. Painted textiles were added to each space, intermixing fabric pattern with wall composition. Throughout the chateau, each room’s color atmosphere blended as a whole, into surrounding variations of the theme of light, and the idea of Color Spaces took form.

Isabelle H. Color Spaces is based in New York City.

Isabelle Higgins with a Color Spaces Textile Panel of ink layered on sheers over taffeta, to create the effect of color through another color. Made for Resource Furniture New York.

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