Color Spaces

Isabelle H. Color Spaces combine Painted Wall Designs, Painted Fabric, and Movable Textile Panels, to create all-encompassing atmospheric spaces for an interior. Here are some examples.

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Entry Hall

Wall Mural Surrounds

Wall Murals

Wall Murals Continued

Hand Painted Textile, Silk

Foyer Balcony

Wall Detail

Border Detail

Hand Painted Textile, Silk

Living Room

Painted Textile for Side Chairs

Detail Walls, Layered Shadows of Dawn

Painted Textile Throw Detail, Silk

Dining Room Walls Designed to Suggest Aged Manuscript Pages

Aged Manuscript Wall Detail

Table Setting Detail

Dining Chairs, Silver Pigments Painted on Velvet


Walls Painted like Sunset Reflections

Painted Textile Border, Complementing the Rough-Cut Pink Marble


Walls of Layered Reds

Painted Textile for Kitchen

Bedroom, Walls of Silver/Grey Shadows

Oval Dressing Room, Wall Detail

Bedroom Painted Textile, Silk

Dining Area, Color Wall Mural

Dining Area Mural Detail

Mural 7’x 14’

Dining Area Painted Textile, Silk

Master Bedroom

Focal Wall Mural Detail

Painted Textile Detail

Small Dining Room, with walls designed as Aged Fresco Fragments

Aged Fresco Cabinet Detail

Aged Fresco Window Detail

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